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Well if you sat quietly at the meeting tonight and didn't address your concerns with what's left of the Ralph Bunche Cooperative (RBC) Board of Directors and the staff of Kirkpatrick management--you may in fact be chicken shit. Several of you complain to your neighbors and anyone who will listen about the trials and tribulations that you suffer through at RBC, but the minute you have a platform to actually address these complaints, ideas, concerns etc. you sit quietly or simply nod and look around.

According to several sources, Darlene Johnson and Dorothy Johnson (no relation) were the ony two that asked any REAL questions.  Although some members found the two of them somewhat of a distraction to the meeting, others felt that they were to only two that were really putting forth an effort to get answers.

Again, several members of RBC have allowed Board President Carolyn Lee to come before them with bullshit. Other members of RBC didn't even show up for the meeting! How do you expect anything to get done when you let laziness or a little bit of snow keep you from handling business concerning the place where you live?? Yes, there are members who have jobs that prevented them from attending the meeting, but there were others that chose to stay home just because.

There's a saying, "You teach people how to treat you."  When you teach management to treat you like a fool, don't be surprised when they do. If you don't ask questions and investigate, don't be surprised when you get the wool pulled over your eyes.