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We've finally been able to obtain the actual pictures of Lena Dooley's trash escapades!  In case you were unaware, Ms. Dooley and her family have been bring trash from other locations to Ralph Bunche Cooperative and putting it in the dumpsters. When the neighbors began to complain, Ms. Dooley and her family started breaking the trash down on her porch and putting it into small bags and throwing them in the dumpster one at a time. Management and the Board are aware that Ms. Dooley and her family are dumping this trash and aside from sending a membership memo, they have done NOTHING!  This dumping is going on right in front of RBC Board Treasurer Kevin Kanoyton's door. SCROLL DOWN

Lena Dooley's "worker"/suspected boyfriend unloading trash onto her porch.
Lena Dooley's "worker"/suspected boyfriend unloading trash onto her porch at RBC. (The arrow is pointed toward the open van door)

Lena Dooley's "worker"/suspected boyfriend throwing the trash in the RBC St. Maron dumpster.

The end result.


Broken down trash from some other location headed for an RBC dumpster near you!

Ms. Dooley's "worker"/suspected boyfriend speeding away from RBC after being spotted dumping trash while RBC while she was on vacation.