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The person belonging to this report is a fellow member at Ralph Bunche Cooperative (RBC). In or around 2006, he was allowed to garner his own unit w/o putting down membership equity and has been a constant headache to other members.  Members have complained of ongoing and unnecessary traffic all day and all night, known drug dealers and drug users frequenting his unit, noise, and unauthorized occupants of his unit being "annoying".  

Several members submitted documentation to the RBC Board of Directors and Kirkpatrick Management Company (KMC) notifying them of the problem.  Valerie Hall sent him a "Suspicious Activity" letter which turned out to be absolutely useless.  He then went to his own attorney and had a letter sent to Valerie basically telling her where she could stick her suspicious activity letter.  Since then, this member has blatant with his drug dealing and even goes so far as to have his customers park in the RBC office driveway. Further, members have spotted convicted drug dealer Bradford Jones who is on parole coming and going from his unit.  Several months ago, Wayne County Enforcement Bureau (WEB) came looking to RBC looking for Mr. Jones who is not only frequenting the resident drug dealer's unit but is also using an address belonging to another member of RBC.  Carolyn Lee and Kirkpatrick Management Company (KMC) Regional Manager Valerie Hall are both aware of the problems and all the complaints, however, he is still living at RBC.  Then last spring, the two of them allowed his girlfriend to move into RBC as well.    

He was due for an expulsion hearing, but unfortunately, having an expulsion hearing that never materialized for Otis Jenkins and Dorothy Johnson was far more important. In case you're wondering why the name of the individual selling drugs at RBC is not being mentioned, it is because his employer has no idea about his prior convictions.  Further, there is at least one child in the unit.  Before posting his name and allowing members of RBC to tell his employer or worse, CPS, he should be given ONE FINAL chance to correct his behavior.  STOP SELLING DRUGS AT RALPH BUNCHE COOPERATIVE!