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Since hiring Kirkpatrick Management Company (KMC) to manage Ralph Bunche Cooperative (RBC), there has been nothing but problems. The crux of the problems has to do with the maintenance team.  They are lazy, incompetent, and rude.  Their workmanship is shoddy and most of their work orders have to be done over and over again.  Members have repeatedly complained verbally and in writing, but KMC, particularly Regional Property Manager Valerie Hall, has refused to act or exact any amount of disciplinary corrective action.

On November 18, 2010 a member spotted Maintenance Supervisor Tereal Stovall coming out of the Mack & Mt. Elliott Liquor located at the corner of Mack and Mt. Elliott at 3:30 in the afternoon.  The member also observed Tereal getting into the RBC maintenance truck and proceeding along Mt. Elliott.  When confronted with this issue, Valerie hastily and hostilely responded by saying Tereal stopped to get cigarettes on the way back to RBC from the bank.  First of all, maintenance has no business joyriding around in the RBC maintenance truck and doing so is a violation according to the KMC and RBC Employee Handbooks.  Second, why is the maintenance man doing bank runs?  That’s the job of the secretary.  Third, if Tereal was coming from the bank, what was he doing on Mt. Elliott?  RBC uses Huntington Bank located at the corner of Holmer and Jos Campau in Hamtramck.  Therefore, if Tereal was in fact coming from the bank, he should have been on the I75 freeway or Jos Campau to Grand and then on to Chene.  Tereal would have no business on Mt. Elliott and Mack.  Tereal wasn’t coming from the bank.  He was just bullshitting as usual when he should have been working.  As usual, Valerie wasn’t even at work to know what he was doing.  As one member pointed out, “There ain’t nothing over there (Mack and Mt. Elliott) but liquor, ass (prostitutes), and drugs!”  Well it appears that for Tereal, two out of three ain’t bad. Obviously Tereal means it when he says, "It ain't trickin' if you got it."  

Recently members became aware that Tereal (MI S314789367618) has at least 13 incidents involving traffic violations which include driving with open alcohol (SD1696112), driving with a suspended license (SD1696111)(w/the open alcohol previously mentioned), an “alcohol related violation”/drunk driving at W. Jefferson and Grand Blvd. (U48684408), and picking up a prostitute at Springwells and Michigan Avenue (U887507). PROSTITUES? Thus leading members to not only wonder whether or not Tereal has a driver’s license, but also whether or not KMC ran his driver's license before giving him a truck belonging to RBC.  This also begs the question, what auto insurance company if any is being used to insure the RBC maintenance vehicle.  There is no way Tereal would have been authorized on RBC’s auto insurance and allowed to drive the maintenance vehicle by any reputable insurance company. Tereal is bouncing around on and off RBC property with RBC's vehicle without any regard or supervision.  If he gets injured or injures someone else, RBC members are responsible. It is fairly easy to get one alcohol related offense, however, what kind of idiot must you be to get three? Clearly Tereal has a problem with alcohol and it's not helped by the fact that Roger and Valerie are also his ocassional drinking buddies (according to him).  Apparently, Valerie "...LOVES Jack Daniels". It appears Tereal has been stopped and cited more than once for alcohol related offenses, and it is this kind of behavior and disregard for authority that Valerie and the Board have repeatedly condoned and defended with excuses.  Tereal is notorious for sending emails to Valerie and her husband criticizing and sometimes out-right lying on his coworkers under the guise that he is a dutiful and concerned employee when he is really a brownnoser and a dirty finger-pointing coward.  While Tereal is sending emails about others, he should probably be worrying about himself.

Tereal’s sexual proclivities would explain why the last secretary in the office accused him of sexual harassment and why Tereal seems to think it is okay to make a play for every woman put in the office at RBC and all the young female members as well. Several members don’t even want Tereal in their homes and obviously for good reason; according to things Tereal himself has posted online via Twitter (TJDETROIT79) neither does his wife who has gotten as far away from him as she can and refused to allow him see their daughter.  

Valerie is aware of the repeated problems with Tereal and has failed to act.  She has made it abundantly clear that she does not care about RBC or the concerns of the members.  As opposed to getting rid of the dead weight, Valerie has managed to hang on to and promote to maintenance supervisor an alcoholic trick.
FOOTNOTE: Although the charges regarding the alcohol were dismissed, according to the court clerk at 36th District Court and the alleged police report, Mr. Stovall was drunk at the time of the stop/arrest but the police officer did not come to court. Thanks DPD! NOT! As you know, the police don't just arbitrarily accuse you of drinking and driving.