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Here we go again.  Anywhere you live, there is always that one neighbor that is absolutely horrendous.  At Ralph Bunche Cooperative (RBC), that neighbor is Lena Dooley.  If she is not illegally dumping trash, she is backing up the plumbing.  In September, there were a series of backups that affected several members on the St. Maron side of the property.  According to reports, the September 27, 2010 backup left members with raw sewage backed up in their basement for hours.  Since maintenance couldn’t repair the backup, they decided not to even drain the standing water and offered no apology to members who were forced outside of their units due to the stench. Maintenance also made no apologies for making members wait from 7AM until around 2PM for a plumber.  As a matter of fact, Valerie didn’t even acknowledge the backup until a month later.  Getting back to Ms. Dooley, on several occasions maintenance has snaked the drains in her unit and her neighbors and discovered everything from diaper wipes and actual diapers to tampons and sanitary napkins. As if filling the dumpsters to the sky with trash from everywhere but RBC wasn’t enough, it’s comforting to know that Ms. Dooley can take time from her busy trash hauling schedule to clog the plumbing at RBC as well. NOT! The plumbing at RBC is at least 40 years old, and regardless of how flushable any wipe is supposed to be, it probably shouldn’t be going down any toilet at RBC and no one should have to tell a woman Ms. Dooley’s age that.  That information also shouldn’t have to be explained to her daughters either.  It is obvious Ms. Dooley’s mummified ovaries aren’t producing any eggs and she is well past menstruating. So clearly she is NOT the one flushing tampons and pads.  

Clearly Ms. Dooley and her family have no idea that RBC is not a housing project or a ghetto, and their trifling behavior is indicative of such.  Ms. Dooley’s front yard is cluttered, there’s trash from her yard blowing into that of neighboring members, and there is always a large group of people hauling and bagging things on her doorstep.  So much so, one member thought Ms. Dooley’s unit was being rehabbed, and asked, “How long is gonna take them to finish her unit?”  

Members have been complaining about Ms. Dooley far too long, and management and the Board have failed to act with regard to Ms. Dooley’s obvious and repeated violation of the by-laws and her occupancy agreement.  Ms. Dooley is a liar, and she and that tribe of illegal live-in occupants need to go.