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For the longest time, members at Ralph Bunche Cooperative (RBC) have been complaing about "someone" illegally dumping trash in the St. Maron dumpsters.  Reports have suggested a man with a big black truck is dumping, others have seen a Mexican man with a burgundy van dumping.  All reports indicate the dumpers are going back to Lena M. Dooley's unit located at 683 St. Maron Place.

Neighbors have been complaining for several months, some for several years about the amount of trash that Ms. Dooley is bringing from other locations to the dumpsters at RBC.  Back in May, the former secretary took several photos of Ms. Dooley's son-in-law and her "worker" dumping trash at RBC, witness statements were taken, and it was discovered that a preservation company Fallon Preservation LLC is listed to her daughter.  Valerie Hall and Carolyn Lee were immediately made aware of the situation, and notified Ms. Dooley that she would be having a Housing Quality Standard (HQS) inspection, and was given a meager $30 fine for her illegal dumping.  Ms. Dooley felt she was being lied on and demanded a board meeting. After going to the Board and telling them what she wanted them to hear the board caved and revoked the fine.  Ms. Dooley now has the vans and trucks with trash in them park in front of her unit, break down the trash and put it in small white and black bags, then deposit the bags in the dumpster. Now there is trash in her yard, and it is blowing onto the property of other members.  The Board has since continued to do nothing even though members still have complaints about Ms. Dooley's dumping.  You'd think with RBC Board Treasurer, Kevin Kanoyton living right in front of the dumpster that he would have a problem with the dumping of trash right outside his window.  Clearly that is not the case.

St. Maron has the smallest if not the smallest driveway, yet they have three dumpsters.  It appears that Ms. Dooley has illegally dumping for quite sometime. Ms. Dooley's illegal dumping not only causes an eye sore, but also brings rodents.  That's why squirrels, opossums, and rats have become such a problem on the St. Maron side of RBC.  That's also why there always seems to be trash blowing across the ground in that area.  

In case you didn't know, illegal dumping is against the law! Members of RBC don't have stand by and accept Ms. Dooley and her family illegally dumping trash even though management has chosen to do so. If you witness Ms. Dooley and/or her family illegally dumping trash at RBC take their picture if you can.  Also contact the police and make a report.  Also call the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's office. Ms. Dooley is operating a business and cannot afford to have complaints against her business license.

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