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In April of 2010 when the new Ralph Bunche Cooperative (RBC) Pet Policy was issued, several members complained about it and inquired why a pet policy was necessary.  Well as you can see from the photos below, it appears a pet policy was more than necessary. Members regularly began complaining about derelict dog owners such as Ms. Townsend who walk their dog(s) all over the grounds of RBC without a leash or simply open their doors and allow their dogs to run free.

Even after RBC issued the pet policy, Ms. Townsend continued to open her door and allow her dog, Wynter, to run over to Pat and Darryl Jones yard to leave excrement.  Even after the pet policy was issued, Ms. Townsend continued to open her door and allow Wynter to run unsupervised throughout the parking lot almost being run over by fellow members and RBC staff. On one ocassion, Wynter was seen outside on the grounds unsupervised chomping on a bagel that had been left for the birds!  Surely you're thinking maybe she didn't get the pet policy, however, staff made sure Ms. Townsend got the pet policy three times BEFORE issuing the $30 fine.  

Ms. Townsend was the first to receive the $30 fine for her pet, and even after being given a warning letter and a fine, she continues to allow her dog to roam off the lease leaving extrement in the yards of members who do not even have pets! After receiving the letter, instead of correcting her behavior, Ms. Townsend came over to the office and accused members and staff who complained about her pet of lying.  Once she was shown photos of her dog leaving excrement in another member's yard, she then complained of being  "talked to like a child." The perception is that Ms. Townsend clearly has the mental capacity of a child, because how many ways can you tell a grown person that their pet shouldn't be shitting in their neighbors area?  Isn't that common sense?  Further, neither management nor the Board is taking this issue seriously, because according to the pet policy created by them, Ms. Townsend was supposed to recieve a 10-day notice that Wynter had to go.  What was the point of wasting all that paper to issue a three or four-page pet policy that everyone ignores?  What was the point of having the members who did comply waste money getting pet licenses, insurance, etc?

Member Haile Nicholson has a dog named Constantine that has been repeatedly accused of leaving excrement in his neighbor's yards.  Well as you can see, the culprit is Wynter. Ms. Townsend stands there scratching her butt and watching as Wynter climbs up a member's porch and urinates, then goes over to a tree shared by that member and Mr. Nicholson and leaves a deposit.  Wynter then leaves their area and goes trotting down the sidewalk on St. Maron to invade the space of other members.  All while Ms. Townsend is standing around unconcerned and clearly more interested in  her telephone call.  Why is Wynter even on St. Maron? Ms. Townsend lives on the E. Larned side.  If you're going to be a lousy pet owner, at least have the decency to keep your pet on YOUR side of the property.  

If you see Wynter or any other pet running lose or off a leash leaving waste in another member's area at RBC, please call the City of Detroit Animal Contol immediately at (313) 224-6323.