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Recently, the Board president sent selected members letters advising them that security bars had to be removed from windows at Ralph Bunche Cooperative (RBC) and implied that it was a requirement from Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Most members at RBC with security bars on their windows have had them for years, some for decades. The city of Detroit ordinance regarding security bars may accutally supercede the HUD requirement.  Furthermore, as you know, Annie Leach is useless and goes by whatever nonsense Valerie Hall tells her.  Therefore, it is up to the members of RBC to do their own investigating and information gathering.  Here is some information to assist you.  According to the City of Detroit:

Sec. 9-1-405. - Emergency escape openings.

In sleeping areas, at least one (1) window shall be operational and accessible from inside the room without the use of keys or tools to provide for emergency escape and rescue. Bars, grates, grilles, or similar devices are permitted to be placed over emergency escape and rescue openings, provided, that the minimum net clear opening size complies with the Michigan Building Code enacted pursuant to Section 4 of the Stille-Derossett-Hale Single State Construction Code Act, being MCL 125.1504, and such devices shall be releaseable or removable from the inside without the use of a key, tool, or force greater than that which is required for normal operation of the escape and rescue opening.

(Ord. No. 18-03, ยง 1, 7-9-03)

Also, please take a look at your RBC Policy Book.  It has the number 15 at the bottom of the page.  According to the Security-Burglar Bars Policy:

"The cooperativel permits its members to install security-burglar bars on the windows and doors of their town houses or apartments...Keep in mind that removal of permanent security bars require professional services which can be costly..."

Knowing this, why is the Board suggesting members remove the security bars now? Some members have speculated that it is because RBC is failing the REAC inspection.  We'll see.