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There is NOTHING Carolyn Lee will not do to in an attempt to exert her authority over Ralph Bunche Cooperative (RBC).  Just when you thought Valerie Hall was the biggest liar at RBC, Carolyn comes racing in at a close second.  Just when you thought Carolyn had enough of lying to the members of RBC last year at the annual meeting when she accused Otis Jenkins of obtaining a Bank of America credit card holding RBC as the guarantor, here she comes again with more lies.

Carolyn and no other RBC Board member has been threatened by any former female employees or anyone else for that matter.  Carolyn is just creating this charade to get members attention away from all the things she has not done and continues not to do for RBC and its members. Carolyn has not been an effective Board Member and certainly has not been an effective Board President.  The fact that members didn't get the Finance meeting anticipated in November 2010 until January 2011 is indicative of such.  Further, the only reason RBC members got that meeting was because Dorothy Johnson continued to demand it, even going so far as to contact the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) office.

The real reason for the Threats and Harassment notice is because Carolyn is angry that a letter was sent to Blue Cross and Blue Shield informing them that Carolyn has been using their property (fax machine, copier, phone, etc) to stalk and harass Otis Jenkins and conduct RBC business on their time.  One of the former secretaries provided proof of the accusations.  Carolyn was also angry because on that same day, several members were made aware that Kirkpatrick Management Company (KMC) and the RBC Board of Directors hired Maintenance Supervisor Tereal James Stovall knowing full well that he had problems with drunk driving and has been convicted of disorderly conduct for soliciting a prostitute.  Carolyn and KMC have kept Tereal even though the members of RBC have expressed extreme dissatisfaction with his behavior and his lack of maintenance capabilities.

Oddly enough, everytime Carolyn is trying to deflect the bullshit off herself, she creates senarios that make her out to be the victim.  She is ALWAYS doing something to incite other people, but then runs around claiming to be "threatened".  On top of being a liar, Carolyn also appears to be delusional as well. After falsely accusing Otis of acquring a credit card with RBC as the guarantor, Carolyn then claimed to have been threatened and claimed to be afraid for her safety and spent several nights at another location. Then last summer, Carolyn became paranoid that the Board room was "bugged" and attempted to have a spy shop come out with a device to sweep the Board room. Carolyn scheduled an expulsion hearing for Dorothy and Otis and used RBC funds to pay for armed security guards, because yet again, Carolyn was supposedly afraid for her safety. After Carolyn incited an incident between Flossie Estes' daughter Tomeka, she then claimed Tomeka was running about RBC yelling, "I'm going to kick Carolyn's ass."  Strangely enough, nobody heard Tomeka's alleged comments but Carolyn. Then most recently there was the weeks of parking in the office driveway because she was SO afraid for herself and her car.  Now Carolyn's being threatened and harassed. LOL Clearly no one has told Carolyn she's not that important. Clearly no one has told Carolyn that no one at RBC is remotely interested in her personal safety or all the non existent harassment going on in her head. Maybe if Carolyn wasn't constantly throwing the rock and trying to hide her hand, she wouldn't always be worried someone was going to do something to her.  Carolyn is refusing to have Board meetings with the members not because she is afraid, but because there's really no "Board" to meet with members. All the members appear to be unavailable or have quit.

As opposed to Carolyn sending a notice claiming to she and other Board members are being threatened and harrassed, members of RBC would have been better served by being given a notice of scheduled times for snow removal, a notice to members advising them to be on the look out for this serial rapist attacking women on the east side of Detroit, or to be on the look out for drug dealer/user Bradford Jones.  When members are robbed and violated by having their cars broken into or completely stolen it's like pulling teeth to get the Board to notify members, however, this bitch Carolyn thinks it's important to notify members that she's being harrassed. Who cares?