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Recently, several thousand dollars of Ralph Bunche Cooperative monies were wasted on a frivolous eviction case against Otis Jenkins and Dorothy Johnson.  Frivolous because when RBC Board President Carolyn Lee aided by her attorney, Sam Gunn, stood before you on March 18, 2010 and publicly denounced Otis for having a Bank of America credit card in the amount of $25,000 naming RBC as the guarantor, she and Kirkpatrick Management Regional Property Manager Valerie Hall were well aware that the information was false.  Yes, Otis does have a Bank of America credit card with a $25,000 limit on it; and, yes, at one time RBC was the guarantor. Why? Because, the Board at the time determined that it would be most convenient to put Otis’ name on the card since he was Board President at the time.  Furthermore, at the time the card was acquired, it was a Comerica credit card. Once Otis left the Board, the credit card was going to be cancelled.  The Board allowed Otis to keep the credit card under the condition that RBC was to be immediately removed as guarantor. The Board followed up and did indeed make sure that RBC was removed as guarantor. The credit card account with Comerica was then sold to Bank of America.   Carolyn was well aware of this information all three of the previous years she was on the Board and only used the ruse about the credit card to embarrass Otis and prevent his wife Dorothy Johnson from potentially winning a seat on the Board.

Not only did Carolyn know about the credit card prior to the annual meeting, but both she and Valerie knew that RBC was not the guarantor on the credit card prior to the annual meeting. Valerie even used Otis’ personal information to illegally change the name on his account to “Ralph Bunche Cooperative” in order to obtain copies of his credit card statements. For these reasons, Carolyn and Valerie refused to update the members of RBC on the status of the court proceedings against Otis Jenkins and Dorothy Johnson.  The two of them couldn’t have members come to court and find out that Carolyn and Valerie had deceived the entire membership to further Carolyn’s own cause.  

Ultimately, the case against Otis and Dorothy was thrown out.  After wasting members’ money on frivolous litigation, Valerie and Carolyn didn’t even show up for court the day of the verdict, and had missed several court dates previously. After wasting members’ money on the failed attempt to evict Otis and Dorothy, the only thing that was accomplished is that now the two of them are in a position to file all lawsuits against RBC.  

Needless to say, these thousands of dollars spent by the Board in legal fees paid to Attorney Samuel Gunn, 36th District Court filings, and Wayne County Circuit Court filings could have and should have been better spent on Cooperative needs.